Potty 2

I am a big boy/girl and going potty is so much fun. I need to tell my mommy, daddy or teacher when I have to go potty. 

When I am in the bathroom I need to…….

*Take off my shorts or pants

*Pull my under wear off

*Sit on the potty like a Big BOY

 If I need to go poo poo I need to use toilet paper  to wipe my bottom. I will try to wipe myself until my bottom is all clean. 

 After I am all done going potty, I need to pull up my underwear and pants or shorts. I will flush the toilet and wash my hands with soap and water like a big boy/girl.

 Before leaving the bathroom I will use the towel to dry my hands. Because I go potty like a big boy my mommy, daddy and teacher will be so proud of me.