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Play with Younger Sibling

My name is _____ & I am a big girl/boy who loves playing with my little brother/ sister.

When I am playing with my brother/sister she sometimes _________ and that gets me mad or frustrated.

But because I am a big girl I can tell my mommy and daddy…

  1. Brother/Sister is making me mad, can you help me  please
  2. I am frustrated because brother/sister______________
  3. Brother/Sister please _____________

If I want to play with my brother/sister I have to…….

  1. Share my toys and games with her
  2. Take turns and ask nicely to use a toy or game
  3. Wait nicely while my sister is playing with my toys
  4. Do not take toys away from my brother/sister

When I play nicely with my brother/sister, I will have so much fun and my mommy and daddy will be so proud of me.