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Circle Time

My name is ______ and I love school. When I am in my class room I need to sit nicely and quietly during circle time with my friends and teacher.

 During circle time I sit on the floor criss cross and my hands in my lap. When I am sitting in circle time I need to shake my neighbors hand and say “Good Morning” like a BIG BOY/GIRL. It does not matter if I sit next to someone that I do not know.

 I am a big helper and I like to help my teacher during circle time. I help my teacher Mrs. Larkin by …..

1. waiting nicely when someone is talking or sharing

2.sitting on the floor like a BIG BOY/GIRL

3. waiting nicely until my teacher  tells me where to go after circle time

 I may not get a turn to share every day but that is okay because I can always have a turn another day. Because I am a BIG BOY/GIRL I will not get mad if I don’t get a turn.