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IEP Objectives

IEP Objectives

Individualized Education Plans include programming for student’s deficit areas.  For each area of deficit there must be a annual goal written to be achieved within the school year.  The objectives are the smaller steps necessary to reach the larger annual goal.

Annual Goal – What should the student be doing?

1. What can the student reasonably be expected to accomplish in 12 months?

2. What areas of the general curriculum are affected by the disability?

3. What other academic or functional disability related needs should be addressed (including behavior, motor, social-emotional, communication, self-help)?

4. Is each goal measurable?

5. Are the goals related to information in the PLAAFP?

Objective/Benchmark – What will the student need to do in order to reach the annual goal?

1. What sequential intermediate steps or temporal milestones are needed to reach goal (2 or more for each goal)?

2. What indicators of progress toward meeting the goal will be measured intermittently during the year?