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IEP Goals and Objectives

IEP Goals and Objects

Here are some samples:



1. __________ will appropriately play with at least __ cause & effect toys by pressing buttons, shaking, turning knobs, pulling levers, etc… in order to produce desired immediate feedback in the form of lights, sounds, music, vibrations, etc… across __ days.

2. __________ will engage in ___ turn-taking exchanges by relinquishing to the other person, waiting while the other person takes a turn, and then requesting a turn (or taking a turn) without prompting in ___ different activities for _____ days.

3. The __________ will imitate _____ functional play actions (number of actions will depend on the toy) by watching the play partner, then imitating the play action within 5 seconds of the presentation of the opportunity. __________ will correctly respond in the first trial of each action with at least ___ toys across ____ days.


1.   __________ will independently engage in pretend play sequences (assigns attributes to a toy that is beyond the nature of the toy in a sequence of related actions within a theme or routine) when the toy is presented, but no model is provided with at least __ different types of toys/activities across ___ days.

2.  __________ will independently engage in symbolic play (takes one item to represent another during the course of the play activity by giving it an attribute that it does not have, or pretends to have something that is not there) when the toy/item is presented, but no model is provided with at least ___ different types of toys/activities across ___ days.

3. __________ will make one contingent comment following a conversation partner’s comment by making a statement that is related to what the conversation partner has just said (e.g. Partner: “I have a car.” __________: Child: “I have a truck.”) within 5 seconds of the conversation partner’s statement. __________ will make appropriate contingent comments for each activity per day for __ days.


1. __________ will demonstrate the ability to follow a socio-dramatic play theme and/or initiate novel socio-dramatic play ideas by engaging in play with at least one other person, selecting a theme, assigning roles or taking on roles, and using language and pretend play actions to play out the roles within the context of the theme. __________ will engage in at least ___ sequenced socio-dramatic play actions within at least ___ different play themes.

2. __________ will expand his/her repertoire of social initiations and be able to initiate social interactions in a variety of ways by learning to approach people, make appropriate greetings, ask if they can join an activity, share items, ask questions about the activity, and use language to continue or further the play activity. __________ will make at least ___ different appropriate initiations with teacher, parents, peers, etc.  without a prompt, over ___ consecutive for each type of initiation.

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